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We aim for the breach of light when surrounded by darkness (Potential Criminal – Manipulated).

Potential Criminal joined forces in the Dutch city of Arnhem around mid-2011. Ever since then, the hiphop band has performed all around the Netherlands on big festivals such as Mañana Mañana, Zwarte Cross, Mundial and Boogiedown.

The name ‘Potential Criminal’ may come across as a bit negative. It was chosen to fool the listener’s first impression. None of the bandmembers are involved in any criminal activity, but they make rap music, which is notorious for talking about murder, selling/using drugs and treating women like dirt. Potential Criminal is the exact opposite of that.

At the end of the day it is more of a statement than just a bandname. The statement can really differ in the interpretation of each listener. The fact that a man or woman is often judged for his or her tattoos, skin color or clothing preference, while they have nothing to do with crime is one of the many interpretations.

The band isn’t afraid to express their criticism against modern society, but they often challenge themselves to write their songs from a positive perspective.

Their sound is obviously influenced by many music styles. The reason for this is because each band member has their own unique musical background. Their music is a fusion between jazz, funk, soul, rock and of course hiphop. They will continue finding new ways to combine other music styles in the future.
These differences in energy and music styles are very much present in their live repertoire.

The sharp lyrics will put your mind to work in combination with an explosive show that is made possible by the tightness of the band, epic solo’s and personal interaction with the crowd.

The band recorded their first EP ‘Observe’ in Summer 2017. By Fall 2017, they released it under very special circumstances at the Innovate Festival, where the crowd could literally observe how the band created the EP, stage decoration, artwork and videoclip with third parties.

The title of their EP is homonymous to their second single ‘Observe’, a song that shows the danceable side of the band together with their funky-disco track ‘Unite’ and ‘That Sh!t B Like’. Even their only Dutch song ‘Trein’ fits under that category.
This is a big difference compared to their song ‘Manipulated’, which is a rock-like song that talks about the problematic aspects of terrorism, Islamophobia, war, misappropriation, etc.

Nothing is what it seems with Potential Criminal, so better prepare yourself for the unexpected.



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